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1969-1974 Penketh High reunion

Penketh High School year of '74 reunion was held on friday 21st May 1999.

Top picture (L to R) Rob and Mel Volp, Paul Naden and Gordon Rogder

Bottom picture Three reunioners - (L to R) Jackie Papworth, Linda Walker and Diane Wright as was before marriage

Event organisers
Forms 1/1 and 1/2 It was 25 years ago nearly to this day that the majority of the 150 or so pupils said goodbye to Penketh High. On Firday 21st May almost two thirds of that 150 (87 at the last count) regathered in a night of nostalga and memories.

Picture shows members of forms 1/1 and 1/2

Together with half a dozen teachers or so, there where people from all over the world who made special efforts to be with us on this memorable occasion. Notably Dianne Preslar (nee Wright) from the USA, Gaynor Brandt (nee Booth) from Germany, Susan Spozitou (nee Jerams) from Corfu and Andrew Tilley from Australia. Once entering the doors at St Joseph's SC it was like going through a 'time warp', even though most of us are going grey, thin on top, bit larger around the waist, we were all 16 again.

Picture shows members of forms 1/3 and 1/4

Forms 1/3 and 1/4
 Form 1/5 and Late Straters The night came to a head when the evening ended, nobody wanted to leave 1974 and go home into 1999. In the end the bar steward had to turn off all the lights and escort us to the doors to get us out. However another night is planned for the 6th August 1999 as the 'prodigal daughter' Pam Cox is coming home from Australia so it will be the same time and place but different date, 6th August 1999.

Picture shows form 1/5 and the Late Starters.

Text and pictures by Paul Naden