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Penketh School's

Penketh High
Penketh County High School

High School's

Penketh County High School is a County High School and Sixth Form College situated on Heath Road. The High School also offers a range of evening classes for adult learners. Tel:- 01925 722298

There are also High Schools in Great Sankey (Great Sankey County High), and on Cromwell Road (Saint Gregory's High School)

Primary School's

There are 4 Primary Schools in Penketh:-

Penketh South
Penketh South Primary School

Penketh South Primary School is a County Primary School situated on Finlay Avenue Tel:- 01925 726558.

Penketh South and Saint Vincent's share a large playing field and both overlook the local farming fields.

Saint Vincent's is a catholic Primary School also situated on Finlay Avenue Tel:- 01925 726544

Saint Vincent's
Saint Vincent's Primary School
Penketh Primary School
Penketh Primary School

Penketh Primary School, is a county coucil primary school situated on Coniston Avenue / Stocks Lane, there are large playing fields and children's wildlife, and games areas Tel:- 01925 723719

Saint Joseph's Primary School is situated on Walton Avenue, Saint Joseph's is a catholic Primary School and also has a very large playing field, Tel:- 01925 723340

Saint Joseph's Primary School
Saint Joseph's Primary School

There are also Primary Schools in the surrounding villages of Great Sankey and Westbrook.

Nursery School's

There are 2 Nursery Schools in Penketh

First Steps Private Nursery, Green Park, Stocks Lane. Tel:- 01925 791158

Springwood Nursery School, 50 Chapel Road. Tel:- 01925 722080 Springwood Nursery Website